I REFUSE TO FULFILL THIS ASSIGMNET: A variation on two sticks and a pear

"A variation TWO STICKS AND A PEAR", the theme that I was given as a creative photography assignment, seemed pretty hopeless and infantalising at first, but at the end of the day, if you successfully controvert the given topic, finding the way out is a liberating (and joyful) experience. Contradicting the teacher, I made my first video:

tribute to Martha Rossler Semiotics of the Kitchen
kai dobrowolska 'i refuse to fullfil this assignment', 2011

panta rhei. intro.

song of songs
pieśń nad pieśniami

PANTA RHEI is a video recording of significant moments from our family life. My father had shut most of the film. Some time after my family parted he digitalized the recordings and gave each of us (me, my mother and sister) a copy. I didn't feel like reaching back until very recently. 
Now, that i have (and i became completely possessed by the black type content and estetics) I'm sort really don't know what it will bring.

"Song of Songs"
is a rephotographed excerpt from Panta Rhei VHS tapes, a story within the story. 
What has stroke me the most, was a concept that somehow all the sinister future events that came upon us later, could had been sensed in the video footage. At least I could see them when watched the material for the first time since my childhood. It's feels as an unique chance to travel in time (i was present at my parents wedding). 
to revise my remembrance of what it was.
Confront my former image. 

And take new pictures.