Otherwise you won't hear some frequencies.

'Lament of the Atlantes' 3'51", 2012

THIS IS PERMANENT. It's an audio-video installation prepared for a show in Bunkier Sztuki. It is a result of "an experiment" carried out during workshops Space as an Experimental Space led by Krakow's Fine Art Academy. The basic idea was to create a relationship with aleatory space and its elementsPermanent is a diptych, 'Lament of the Atlantes' is it's first part .

In Lament of the Atlants I decided to animate architectural elements of cityscape by confronting them with sound. In order to do so I registered the ambients in direct contiguity of the Atlantes, considering it a kind of an interview with the statues. I used draft documental photographs as illustration to the field recording I did. I sampled and edited recorded material in order to reinforce the narrative character of the lament, trying highlight the idea of how time is subjectively conceived and how it influences our perception of space.

ATLAS - in the classical European architectural tradition an atlas (also known as an atlant, or atlante or atlantid; plural atlantes) is a support sculpted in the form of a man, which may take the place of a column, a pier or a pilaster.Atlantes express extreme effort in their function, heads bent forward to support the weight of the structure above them across their shoulders, forearms often lifted to provide additional support. The term is the Latin plural of the name Atlas – the Titan who was forced to hold the sky on his shoulders for eternity.

I would like to thank Matuesz Bednarz for help and insparation.

Here 's a draft video for the Atlantes;


On Friday 20th of April 2012 at 6 pm. in Bunkier Sztuki there's an opening of an exhibition where you can find my latest work 'Permanent'. The exposition titled 'Space' was prepared during workshops 'Space as an Experimental Space' lasting from 16th-20th of April and led by PhD students from Krakow's Academy of Fine Arts. 
The process was quite interesting.

Participants of the workshop took part in a game, and had to:
1) allot a number depicting area of their actions /see the map

2) analise their domain focusing on defining elements;                              /Google street view 16.04.12 9:46 pm print screen/

the Atlantes

3) find a way of interacting with chosen aspect of the city space 
4) define the new situation & 5) present the results.  

In my work I confront images with sounds in order to animate elements of cityscape. Within concrete desert you may I found inspiring figures;
fallen former/exalted present-day gods, all peaceful and silent, embalmed in stone, I felt a temptation to make them speak.

You may familiarize yourself with the results of my experiments and of my falling for the Atlantes, in Lower Gallery of BUNKIER SZTUKI, all week long except for Mondays, from 11am until 6pm. The exhibition will last until 6th of May 2012

20 Kwietnia 2012 o godz. 18 w BUNKRZE SZTUKI odbędzie się wernisaż wystawy PRZESTRZEŃ, w ramach której będzie można zobaczyć moją najnowszą prace PERMANENT.
Ekspozycja jest podsumowaniem trwających 4 dni WARSZTATÓW zorganizowanych przez Katedrę Intermediów Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Krakowie.
Warsztaty były grą, która miała sprowokować 
wytworzenie relacji z przestrzenią miasta i zachęcić do multimedialnych eksperymentów. 
Zadaniem uczestników było wylosowanie niedużego obszaru dla swoich działań i przeanalizowanie go pod kątem znaczących elementów, a nastpnie wejście w interakcje z wybranym fenomenem przestrzeni/ zdefiniowanie sytuacji na nowo.

W swojej pracy bazuję na interakcji obrazu z dźwiękiem, animuję elementy miejskiego krajobrazu; betonowe figury Atlantów i Chrystusa. 
Z efektem mojego 'spadania'- romansu, można się zapoznać w Dolnej Galerii BUNKRA SZTUKIcodziennie z wyjątkiem poniedziałku, od 11 do 18.
Wystawa potrwa do 6 Maja 2012


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